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Do you have one main problem that you would want some help with? That would usually fall under the category of Counseling. Are you comfortable with how your life is going, but would like to run a few things by someone who can be objective? Again, Counseling. Do you have a current or past trauma, addiction(s) and/or family issues that seem to always surface, and get in your way? Psychotherapy is the treatment of choice.

At his office in Encino, California, Dr. Jaffe takes a patient-centered approach to therapy, customizing care that best meets your needs. For expert counsling services, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

In Need of Counseling? – Dr. Jaffe Can Help

The term “Counseling” refers to a conversation, or a number of conversations between a “Counselor” and client. During these conversations, one, or several problems are discussed, and the counselor guides the client through a problem solving process designed to help them reach a solution that is the “best answer” for that particular person under their particular circumstances. Problems are addressed that are currently occurring, usually without exploring how the past may have informed the current issue. Counselors may offer advice, if asked, but are clear that their advice is only their opinion, and should only be taken if the client likes and feels comfortable with it. Generally, the counselor will help the person figure out their own solution(s) after exploring a number of possibilities. A good counselor, like a good psychotherapist, needs to cultivate within themselves qualities of empathy (understanding the feelings the client is experiencing) and the ability to help their client verbalize difficult emotions so that they can be further understood. Also, a good counselor is able to listen non-judgmentally, as well as express unconditional positive regard (treating the client as being worthy of self-respect as well as respect from others) In counseling, confidentiality is assured, with a few legal exceptions, which is the same as with psychotherapy. Counseling does not include psychotherapy, whereas psychotherapy, which usually takes longer than counseling, requires a higher level of education, training, and experience.

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