Overcoming Addictions: Adverse Childhood Experiences Impacting Addiction

Many people who struggle with addiction can trace their problems to childhood traumas and adversities. In most cases, the abuse and neglect they experience as children leads to self-medicating with drugs or alcohol as adults. Abuse, neglect and household dysfunction are known as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). It is these experiences that are linked to the onset of addiction in adulthood.

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Overcoming Addictions: Social Factors Contributing to Addiction

Social factors are significant in a person’s life and contribute to addiction. Some of the most notable risk factors include maladaptive peer relationships, unstable family environments and the presence of drug-using friends. On the other hand, protective factors such as strong religious beliefs, school connectedness and grit can discourage drug use.

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Overcoming Addictions: Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery

Mindfulness is a powerful tool in addiction recovery. It helps individuals process the distressing feelings of guilt and shame that can accompany their drug use. Research shows that mindfulness practices can actually change the structure of a brain. This is one reason why mindfulness is becoming a popular treatment for addiction recovery.

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Overcoming Addictions: Psychological Factors

Psychological factors are processes that operate at the individual level, impacting mental state and influencing behaviors. These traits include a person’s evaluative attitudes and beliefs about people, places, politics, religion, products or brands.

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Overcoming Addictions: Biological Factors of Addiction

Just like with any illness or condition, genetics can play a part in addiction - however this doesn't guarantee that anyone in your family will develop alcoholism or drug abuse themselves. Biological factors also include neural pathways that influence your brain chemistry, which can be altered medically or naturally.

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